Everyday Technology

The following devices are all exceptionally common and can be acquired in almost any habitat. Almost everyone in Eclipse Phase either owns these devices or knows several people who do.

Trivial Dust Repellent

This smart material spray prevents electrostatic dust from adhering to surfaces. One can is enough to cover eight morphs or a single large Morph.

Low Ecto

Ectos are the external version of basic mesh inserts, minus the medical sensors. These colorful devices serve as a wearable mesh terminal, PDA, locator, and camera-phone. The devices are flexible (often worn as bracelets), dirt-resistant, self-cleaning, and may be stretched out to increase screen size.

Moderate Flying Vest

This vest allows the wearer to fly in low gravity environments with an atmosphere. It can operate for 4 hours before it must be recharged.

Moderate Fractal Gloves

These gloves duplicate the effects of the fractal digits and nanoscopic vision implants(EP p. 311).

Trivial Grip Tape

This sticky nanotape can be applied to almost any surface, allowing items to be stuck in place with the adhesive power of grip pads.

Low Holographic Projectors

These devices are capable of projecting high-definition, ultra-realistic three- dimensional images and movies. From a distance (20+ meters), such holograms can be difficult to distinguish as fake, but up close they are easier to see for what they are (+20 Perception Test modifier).

Trivial Micrograv Shoes

These shoes are equipped with velcro and/or a magnetic system, allowing the wearer to walk normally on appropriate surfaces in micrograv and zero-G environments, rather than floating or bouncing.

Moderate Morph Storage Pod

This coffin-sized tank keeps a biomorph safely stored in medical stasis. They are routinely used in body banks and egocasting facilities, maintaining unused sleeves in a coma-like state within a nutrient bath. Some jurisdictions only allow morph storage pods to be operated by certified medical personnel and technicians.

Low Nuclear Battery

put out 1 kilowatt of power continuously for up to three years. If used as ammo, recharge at 20 shots per hour. Changing a battery is a standard action.

Expensive Plasma Sail

This backpack provides the user with 0.01G of Thrust that can land a take off from objects with a max of 0.05G. It uses the Flight Skill.

Moderate Portable Sensor

This is a small portable (possibly even wearable) sensor system. The type of sensor must be chosen (for example: infrared, lidar, radar, x-ray). Combined sensor systems are also available, at a cumulative cost.

Low Smart Clothing

Smart clothing can change its color, texture, and even its cut, taking only a minute or two to transform from a solid color jumpsuit to a plaid party dress or a replica of a pinstriped, late 20th century business suit.

High Smart Manipulators

The device can create an array of tools. It can sprout wings, gliding membranes, or flexible 7m limbs or 30m lengths of electronic rope.

Trivial Solar Recharger

Like Nuclear Batter, but requires sunlight and has 1.5 meter square panel.

Low Specs

Specs are vision-enhancing glasses. They deliver sensory data directly into the wearer's visual cortex by connecting with their basic mesh inserts, though visual displays are available for bio-conservatives and other characters without implants. Specs extend the range of the wearer's vision from terahertz waves to gamma rays.

Trivial Standard Battery

rechargeable, high-density superconductors.

Expensive Tool facility

A fixed workshop for a specific Hardware: Field skill.

Low Tool kit

A man-portable took kit for a specific Hardware: Field skill.

High Tool shop

A vehicle-transportable workshop for a specific Hardware: Field skill.

Low Utilitool

This hand tool includes a specialized small nanobot generator. In its basic form, a utilitool is the size and shape of a large fountain pen. It can transform into almost any tool, however, from a wrench, knife, or powered screwdriver to a rotary grinder or pair of pliers.