These technologies allow characters to acquire protected information and to gain access to places that others try to keep them out of. Many of these devices are mesh-capable and equipped with radios, see p. 299 for radio ranges.

Moderate Acoustic Spotter

This portable sensor system detects the audio signature of kinetic weapons fire and attempts to focus the camera and rangefinder on the source.

Low Chameleon Cloak

This loose, poncho-like cloak contains a network of sensors that perceive wavelengths from microwave to ultra-violet. A similar network of miniature emitters precisely replicate the information its sensors receive, making the wearer seem transparent to those wavelengths.

High Covert Ops Tool

This handheld device is the ultimate in infiltration technology. It contains both smart matter micromanipulators, cutting tools, and an advanced nanotechnology generator capable of producing nanobots that can bore or cut through almost any material and disable or open almost any electronic lock.

Low Cuffband

This smart plastic loop restricts around a prisoner's limbs when activated. If the prisoner struggles, it will tighten more. Cuffbands will inform the user if they are cut or loosened and are electronically-controlled, so the user can release the prisoner remotely. Some cuffband variants including a shock system (treat as a shock baton) to zap and restrain unruly prisoners.

Moderate Dazzler

The dazzler is a tiny laser system set on a rotating ball. When activated, it consistently spins and emits laser pulses in all directions. These laser pulses are not dangerous, but they detect the lenses of camera systems (including specs, viewers, and bot/synthmorph sensors) and repeatedly zap them with laser pulses of varying strength to overload and dazzle them.

High Disabler

This handy device emits an overloading surge that completely incapacitates and disables a synthetic morph or pod (anything with a cyberbrain) when it is plugged into an access jack and activated. The affected cyberbrain will be unable to function until the signal is deactivated, effectively shutting down the ego (or AI).

Moderate DNA Chaff

This device similar to a splash grenade contains a mass of biological debris from a thousand morphs. It is used to contaminate an area for DNA evidence.

Low FiberEye

This is a flexible and electronically-controllable length of fiberoptic cable and viewer, which can be worked through cracks, under doors, and around corners to peep unobtrusively.

Moderate Graybox

This micro device is a simple self powered wireless interface. When attached to an existing device, it allows that device to be interfaced via a wireless connection.

High Invisibility Cloak

This cloak is made of metamaterials with a negative refractive index, so that light actually bends around it, making it and anything it covers invisible. This invisibility works from the microwave to ultraviolet spectrums, but not against radar or x-rays. The drawback is that anything concealed within the cloak can't see out.

High Lens Crazer

A more offensive version of the dazzler this device attempts to ruin camera optic systems. It takes one Action Turn to detect lenses, then begins zapping them.

Low Lens Spotter

A less intrusive version of the dazzler this device maps out the camera lenses in an area, without dazzling or blasting them with lasers.

Trivial Microbug

This device is a tiny camera and microphone 1 millimeter across. It has the visual capabilities of a set of specs. It can hear everything within 20 meters and see everything within the same range that is in its line of sight. A microbug can record up to 100 hours of information. Microbugs can be set to broadcast continuously, at set intervals, or only when they receive a special signal.

Moderate Prisoner Mask

This hood tightens around the head of a prisoner, blocks all vision frequencies, and engages in low-level jamming in order to prevent any wireless communication via mesh inserts.

High Privacy Pod

A portable self-assembling tent-like structure that is a soundproofed Faraday cage, featuring a guardian nanoswarm, an airlock with a built-in bug zapper.

Moderate Psi Jammer

This device jams frequencies used by brainwaves within a 20-meter radius. This has no effect on brain functions, but it does prevent any ranged used of psi sleights within this area of effect.

Expensive Quantum Computer

These advanced devices make use of quantum computation, allowing them to handle extremely large numbers with ease. This makes them especially useful for codebreaking.

Low Quantum Microbug

1cm camera/mic./tracker. Audio/visual range 20 meters. Can record 100 hours of data. Broadcasts cannot be detected or blocked.

High Radar Cloak

This cloak works like the invisibility cloak except that it bends radar frequencies and makes the wearer invisible to radar sensors.

High Shroud

This device is a whole-body smart-fabric covering, similar to a burkha, designed to provide as much anonymity as possible to the wearer.