Analog Sensors/Tools

Given the digital characteristics of the exsurgent virus and the potential of sensory-based basilisk hacks, some agents and researchers have resorted to using archaic analog gear for specific missions and tasks deemed high-risk. Specific examples of analog gear include film-based cameras, tape-based audio recorders, VCRs, wired-based phone lines, analog radio devices, and low-resolution and filtered micro- phones, speakers, and video displays. While such gear is cheap and easily nanofabricated, it is clumsier, slower, more difficult to use, more prone to malfunc- tion, relies on physical media, and is generally a pain in the ass to work with. Characters using analog gear typically suffer -20 or -30 to skill tests. On the positive side, such methods usually provide +10 to +30 bonuses against basilisk hacks (gamemaster's discretion), if not immunity.