Enhanced Senses

The following are a list of the most common enhanced senses. Each is also available as a cybernetic implant, but bioware is much more common.

Low Anti-Glare

This visual mod eliminates penalties for glare.

Low Echolocation

The character possesses sonar similar to that of a bat or dolphin. The character bounces brief ultrasonic pulses off their surroundings and uses them to form an image of these surroundings through the pattern of reflections of these pulses received by the character's ears. For more details, see Using Enhanced Senses.

Low Electrical Sense

The character can sense electric fields. Within 5 meters, the character can instantly tell if an electrical device is on or off and can see the precise location of electrical wiring behind a wall or inside a device. This sense gives the character a +10 modifier on any test involving analyzing, repairing, or modifying electrical equipment.

Low Enhanced Hearing

The morph's ears are enhanced to hear both higher and lower frequency sounds"the range of sounds they can hear is twice that of normal human ears (see Using Enhanced Senses). In addition, their hearing is considerably more sensitive, allowing them to hear sounds as if they were five times closer than they are.

Low Enhanced Smell

The morph's sense of smell is equal to that of a bloodhound. The user can identify both chemicals and individuals by smell, and can track people and chemically reactive objects by smell as long as the trail was made within the last several hours and has not been obscured.

Low Enhanced Vision

The morph's eyes have tetrachromatic vision capable of exceptional color differentiation. These eyes can also see the electromagnetic spectrum from terahertz wave frequencies to gamma rays, enabling them to see a total of several dozen colors, instead of the seven ordinary human eyes can perceive. In addition, these eyes have a variable focus equivalent to 5 power magnifiers or binoculars.

Low Hearing Filter

With this implant morphs can fine tune the information provided by the bioware Enhanced Hearing as if it was the Cyberware version.

Low Polarization Vision

Characters capable of seeing polarized light can view an aspect of light most humans only see weakly. Polarization reveals visual characteristics much in the way that color does for normal vision: it enhances contrast, foils camouflage, and helps to detect patterns and objects, particularly in light that is reflected off a shiny surface or scattered through the atmosphere or water.

Low Radiation Sense

The character can sense the presence and approximate source of all forms of dangerous radiation, including neutrons, charged particles, and cosmic rays.

Low Sense Filter

This implant enables a character with a biological hyperspectral enhanced sense (enhanced hearing, smell, or vision) to filter out certain wavelengths and inputs like an equivalent technological sensor device. Normally a person with enhanced vision would experience terahertz, infrared, standard visual, ultraviolet, and gamma ray frequencies all at once.

Low Smell Filter

With this implant morphs can fine tune the information provided by the bioware Enhanced Smell as if it was the Cyberware version.

Low T-Ray Emitter

Mounted under the skin of the user's forehead, this implant generates low-powered beams of terahertz radiation (T-rays) that allow the character to see using reflected T-rays.

Trivial Ultraviolet Vision

This is a minor enhancement, simply adding perception of ultraviolet frequencies to the character's visual capabilities. Neo-avians have natural ultraviolet vision by default.

Low Vision Filter

With this implant morphs can fine tune the information provided by the bioware Enhanced Vision as if it was the Cyberware version.

Low X-Ray Emitter

This device is designed to be used with either the enhanced vision augmentation or specs. It emits a focused beam of low-powered x-rays that allows the user of either device to both see and see through most objects using backscatter x-ray radiation. This allows the character to literally see through walls and into containers, including ones made of metal.