Ablative Patches

These thin and light slap-on patches of stick to armor and are designed to absorb heat and energy from beams and explosions, safely vaporizing and blowing hot gas away. Ablative patches increases the Armor Value by +4/+2, but each hit reduces both the energy and kinetic value of the ablative armor by 1.

  • Armor: 4 / 2

Network Chatter

  • jojo @50.C35 AF11.35.18

    These saved my main girl, Shakti, from getting derezed more than once. Solid armor supplement.

  • vuko-harkonnen G53.R80.U83.I32 AF11.41.6

    Favourite mod for cheap ass hypercorp security bots. They're easy to spot and usually are not applied to the joints to avoid restricting freedom of movement. Aim there.