Gear is all of the equipment your character owns and keeps on their person, from weapons and armor to clothing and electronics. You buy gear for your character with customization points during character creation (see Purchase Gear, p. 137) and in the game with Credit or Rep. Certain restricted, illegal, or hard-to-find items may require special efforts to obtain (see Acquiring Gear, p. 296). If you have access to a nanofabricator, you may be able to simply build gear, presuming you have the proper blueprints (see Nanofabrication, p. 284).

Even among the remaining capitalist economies, prices can vary drastically. To represent this, all gear falls into a cost category. Each category defines a range of costs, so the gamemaster can adjust the prices of individual items as appropriate to the situation. Each category also lists an average price for that category, which is used during character generation and any time the gamemaster wants to keep costs simple.

Low Breather

Backpack unit can supply breathable oxygen indefinitely when supplied with 1kg of water and 2 hrs of sunlight /day.

Trivial Breather Bladder

An accessory to Breather unit stores waste methane to be used to fuel machinery.

Moderate Breather w/extra power

Backup power supply for Breather unit increases operational time to 1 week without sunlight.

Low BringIt

In some respects more a social than a combat drug, BringIt stimulates massive bursts of aggression pheromones designed to make the user the center of attention in a fight. In combat, opponents within 3 meters of the character not already in unarmed or melee combat with another character must pass a WIL x 3 Test or attack the character using BringIt.

Expensive (min. 60000) Bruiser

This morph is specifically designed to be large, strong, and physically intimidating. Adopted early on by some sports performers, it quickly became a favorite among criminal cartels and thugs. At 2.5 meters tall, the morph may have difficulty moving comfortably in all but the most open and uncrowded of habitats.

High BTX

BTX-squared (also called Frog Bite) is a genetically-enhanced variant of the extremely potent cardiotoxic and neurotoxic batrachotoxin. It leads to fast paralysis and cardiac arrest that usually kills the target within a few Action Turns. Affected characters suffer 2d10 + 10 damage a turn for 3 Action Turns; medichines reduce this damage by half.

Low Bug Ammo

Bug rounds are equipped with a microbug and medical sensor nanobots. They attempt to gather information on the target's location (via standard mesh tracking), health (querying the target's medichines), and surroundings (typically hindered by being inside the target's body).

Moderate Bughunter

Flying Drones that eliminate all sensors in an area.

Moderate Buzz

This gene-modified variant of BZ is an odorless, invisible, extremely powerful hallucinogen. Users or affected characters will undergo extremely realistic hallucinations for the duration, and may even "share" hallucinations with other affected characters. Characters will suffer a -30 modifier to any tests to remember what occurred while under the influence.

Moderate Buzzer

Equipped with a specialized nanobot hive, Buzzers are used to spray a nanoswarm on a target or area. They have a limited capacity of swarms, though the nanohive can construct one new swarm each hour. This weapon is two-handed.

Trivial Capsule Ammo

Capsule ammo carries a payload (drug, toxin, nanobots) that is released inside the target after the round penetrates.

Moderate Carapace Armor

Carapace armor combines bioweave armor with hard but flexible plates of a chitin-ceramic hybrid material modeled on the microscopic structure and texture of arthropod exoskeletons. This armor is obvious and has a somewhat crocodilian or insectoid appearance (character's choice). The morph is completely hairless as well. This provides an Armor rating of 11/11.

Moderate Caretaker

A bot designed to care for smart animals.

Expensive Cargo Hauler

A Large freight hauler equipped for off road use. Passenger compartments provide life support for two.

Moderate Cartography Package

This software is used to build detailed maps. Idealy employed by flying morphs with the Mnemonic Agumentation or Life Recorder implant.

Moderate Case

Cases are mass-produced robotic shells, an affordable remorphing option for infugees. They are available in many varieties to suit a client’s taste. Most case morphs are vaguely anthropomorphic, with a thin framework body standing just shorter than an average human.

High Cauterizer

This scorch program rips into the ego with destructive neurofeedback routines. Each attack with a cauterizer inflicts 1d10 + 5 DV on the target ego. This damage is reflected as digitized neurological damage.

Expensive (min. 40000) Cetus

The cetus, named after a mythological sea monster, was designed for deep sea activity and is capable of operating under extreme pressure and cold. It is a favored morph for use in the undersea domains of Ceres and Europa. Capable of moving quickly underwater, the morph can also operate outside of water in the atmospheric portion of habitats.

Low Chameleon Cloak

This loose, poncho-like cloak contains a network of sensors that perceive wavelengths from microwave to ultra-violet. A similar network of miniature emitters precisely replicate the information its sensors receive, making the wearer seem transparent to those wavelengths.

Trivial Chameleon Coating

This provides the armor with the same effect as the chameleon cloak.