Gear is all of the equipment your character owns and keeps on their person, from weapons and armor to clothing and electronics. You buy gear for your character with customization points during character creation (see Purchase Gear, p. 137) and in the game with Credit or Rep. Certain restricted, illegal, or hard-to-find items may require special efforts to obtain (see Acquiring Gear, p. 296). If you have access to a nanofabricator, you may be able to simply build gear, presuming you have the proper blueprints (see Nanofabrication, p. 284).

Even among the remaining capitalist economies, prices can vary drastically. To represent this, all gear falls into a cost category. Each category defines a range of costs, so the gamemaster can adjust the prices of individual items as appropriate to the situation. Each category also lists an average price for that category, which is used during character generation and any time the gamemaster wants to keep costs simple.

Low Bioweave Armor (Light)

Bioweave armor involves lacing the morph's skin with artificial spider silk biological fibers. This provides an Armor rating of 2/3 without changing the appearance, texture, or sensitivity of the morph's skin. This armor is cumulative with worn armor.

Low Biter Ammo

Biters are specially-designed to fragment in opposite proportion to the hardness of the target they strike. For hard targets (synthmorphs), they fragment very little, blasting a big hole. For soft targets (biomorphs), they fragment and tumble in multiple directions within the body.

Moderate Black Wing

A backpack made of smart fabric. When activated, it forms into a rigid wing with a span of 8 meters in 1 Action Turn.

Expensive (min. 45000) Blackbird

When they're seen at all, these morphs resemble a matte gray neo-corvid with many odd, sharp angles. Blackbirds are consummate stealth morphs, designed to evade visual observation and radar during recon or infiltration. In part due to aesthetics, they're a favorite of neo-ravens.

High Blind Spot/Route

A map into or out of a location that is normally under surveillance.

Trivial Blood Scanner

Blood scanners are used to detect infection by the biological nanovirus strain of the exsurgent virus. The scanner is simply pressed against the skin of a biomorph (or other living creature) so that microneedles can painlessly extract blood samples from capillaries. These samples are then analyzed and compared to a database of known nanoviral strains. See Exsurgent Virus Detection (Firewal p.

Expensive Blue Box Portable Gate Control Unit

Portable gate control unit (GC p. 142). Requires a Hardware: Electronics Test as a Task Action with a -10 modifier and a timeframe of 1 hour.

Moderate Body Armor (Heavy)

Similar to light body armor, but with extra protective layers, often ergonomically manufactured to conform to a specific character's body, and an environmental seal with climate control to protect the wearer from hostile environments.

Low Body Armor (Light)

These high performance armor outfits protect the wearer from head to toe. An integrated armor vest is supplemented with increased protection on the limbs and joints, while still managing to be flexible and non-restrictive. Body armor is typically worn by security and police forces, and supplemented with a helmet.

Moderate Body Bank

People who are egocasting to another station but whom hope to download back into the same body they have before when they return may put the morph on ice for the duration of their absence.

High Body Mass Converter

The flexbot is able to convert small bits of its own body mass into ammunition or fabricator feedstock if needed. The bot may convert 1 DUR into 10 rounds of kinetic or spray weapon ammunition or 1 kilogram of inorganic feedstock.

Low Bodysculpting

If your morph's enhanced physique isn't enough, you can take it further with custom bodysculpting such as as elongated ears or fingers, nose alteration, hair addition/removal, feathers, exotic eyes, snakeskin, endowed genitalia, and more unusual physical alterations.

Moderate Bot/Pod Rental

When you need a helping hand or a personal companion for a day or two, renting a bot or pod is often the way to go.

High Bot/Vehicle AI

These AIs are designed to be capable of piloting the robot/vehicle without transhuman assistance.

Expensive Bouba

This soft, amorphous module consists of hard parts in a fluid matrix surrounded by a tough but flexible skin. Its design doesn't allow for reshaping into new mobility systems, but it can slither along the ground or hover.

Expensive Bouncer

Bouncers are humans genetically adapted for zero-G and microgravity environments, and their feet can grasp as well as their hands.

Moderate Brain Box

Just as some people in the outer system prefer biomorphs with cyberbrains because of the speed and ease of both forking and resleeving, others prefer the durability and utility of synthmorphs, but do not wish to give up having an organic brain. Some have aesthetic objections, while others worry about a cyberbrain's vulnerability to hacking.

High Brain Box Life Support

To avoid the necessity of these nutrients, users can also install a smaller, cheaper, and more limited version of the long-term life support augmentation (p. 189, RW) that is designed specifically for use with a brain box. This augmentation recycles the necessary nutrients as long as the morph has sufficient electricity and can gain access to small amounts of water and carbon twice a year.

Moderate Brain Print Scanner

This portable skullcap takes approximately 5 minutes to thoroughly scan a subject's brain patterns, producing a verifiable brain print.

Low Breadcrumb Positioning System

This worn device leaves micro "breadcrumbs" behind as the character moves. These devices interact with mesh inserts (or ectos) as long as they are within range (50 meters), allowing the user to map their position in relation to the breadcrumb trail.