Robots are a common sight and accepted fact of daily life within Eclipse Phase. Numerous varieties exist, from robopets to mechanical workers to warbots. If a job can be done more cheaply (and sometimes safely) by a bot, it usually is. The robots listed here are not generally used as synthetic shells by transhuman egos, often for cultural reasons (sleeving a case is bad enough, sleeving a creepy is just ... wrong), and they are not equipped to be sleeved into (though they may be jammed; see p. 196). Any of these bots may be modi ed for use as a synthetic morph, however, by adding a cyberbrain system.

Expensive Wobblycat

These fast-moving, cat-like bots are about 50 centimeters long (less the tail) and made of stealth materials. They fulfill a surveillance and occasionally anti-personnel role in urban operations. Wobblycats can run, jump, or climb unseen into areas where a human-sized infiltrator would never be able to go, but with much greater speed than nanoswarms.

Low Zephyr

Medium-sized winged flyers, capable of reconnoitering over long distances quickly. Essentially small planes launched by throwing them.