Autonomous Kill Vehicle

The main defense for the swarm is nearly three dozen autonomous kill vehicles: heavily armed and armored drones that spend most of their time latched on to other ships in the fleet or drifting on the edges of the flotilla looking for threats. Most of the AKVs are piloted by beta forks of various scum personnel that are regularly swapped out to reduce the amount of stress any AKV’s ego accumulates.

The AKVs look like pitted and scarred three and a half meter-long splinters of black metal. They are all sharp angles and armor plates, extruding weapon spars only when engaging an enemy. Unlike the rest of the fleet, the AKVs are not given distinctive markings or splashes of color. Unless a viewer knows what they are looking for, they are very hard to spot among the fleet.

If any ship in the fleet detects a threat, the AKVs will usually investigate in a group of at least six with all weapon systems powered up. In the event of an attack, the AKVs defend the swarm with maximum force, even going so far as to turn themselves into impromptu fusion warheads as a final strike measure.

Note: A suicide attack using the fusion reactors inflicts DV 15d10 + 100 AP –40, no blast radius DV reduction for the first 100 meters, and radiation.