The drugs described here are usually (but not always bene cial), and are typically taken intentionally. Drugs and chemicals used offensively are described under Chemicals and Toxins. Note that the drugs here are just a representative sampling. There are thousands if not millions of drugs in circulation in Eclipse Phase—gamemasters are encouraged to introduce their own, using these as guidelines.

High Alpha

Alpha is a more subtle version of BringIt, popular with hypercorp execs, street thugs, and anyone else who wants to come across as a domineering asshole. The pharm designer who invented it had a retro sensibility (and maybe a sick sense of humor); Alpha is typically synthesized as a sparkling white powder designed to be snorted.

Low Bananas Furiosas

This drug reverses some of the effects of de-ionizing radiation on the cells of the body. Although a pill form is available, it most commonly comes in large bunches of bright orange-red bananas. Bananas reduce the severity of a radiation dosage (gamemaster determines effect).

Low BringIt

In some respects more a social than a combat drug, BringIt stimulates massive bursts of aggression pheromones designed to make the user the center of attention in a fight. In combat, opponents within 3 meters of the character not already in unarmed or melee combat with another character must pass a WIL x 3 Test or attack the character using BringIt.

Moderate Buzz

This gene-modified variant of BZ is an odorless, invisible, extremely powerful hallucinogen. Users or affected characters will undergo extremely realistic hallucinations for the duration, and may even "share" hallucinations with other affected characters. Characters will suffer a -30 modifier to any tests to remember what occurred while under the influence.

Low Comfurt

This tasty yogurt treat blocks stress hormones, stabilizes mood, and relieves anxiety, allowing them to ignore the effect of 1 trauma and temporarily boosting Lucidity by +5. Any stress suffered while the drug is in effect is taken from the bonus Lucidity first. Comfurt also provides a +10 bonus when resisting attempts to manipulate the user's emotions.

Low Drive

This nootropic speeds up left-right brain hemisphere communication, stimulates idea production, and improves concentration, with no usual side effects. Users receive a +5 bonus to COG while the drug lasts.

Low Grin

Grin is an effective opiate and pain suppressant. Users may ignore the -10 modifiers from 2 wounds (not cumulative with similar effects), and in fact may not even be aware they are injured. Grin users suffer from tunnel vision, however, and so suffer a -10 modifier on Perception Tests.

Low Hither

Want to ooze sexy like a pleasure morph on a hot tin roof? For those desiring that slinky je-ne-sais-quoi, Hither is the tool. Hither is a clear, slippery gel, sometimes with a faint, musky, floral scent. Hither is applied to parts of the body with large concentrations of sweat glands, where the skin quickly absorbs it.

Low Hydra

This drug only affects neo-octopi physiology it provides a euphoric sense of detachment to the ego while also boosting the autonomous activity of neo-octopi arms.

Low Juice

This potent anti-depressant makes it almost impossible to have bad feelings or negative thoughts. The character is unnaturally happy—often irritatingly or strangely so.

Moderate Kick

Kick is a strong stimulant that increases the user's response time and puts them on edge. The character gains +10 REF and +1 Speed for the duration of the drug. Characters under the influence of Kick are twitchy, however, reacting in a jumpy, cat-like fashion to sudden or unexpected stimuli.

Low Klar

Klar boosts alertness and enhances clarity and perception. Users report a feeling of being "elevated" to a higher level. They receive +5 INT while the drug lasts.

Low Kong

This drug only affects non-human primates. Ignore 1 wound, +5 SOM, +10 melee attacks, -5 INT and WILx3 Test to avoid automatically attacking.

Low Mono No Aware

Taken from the Japanese term for sadness at the ephemerality of worldly things, this drug, typically ingested as a tea, is a depressant that induces a meditative state. Mono No Aware gives the character a +10 bonus on Art and Sense Tests. With frequent use, Mono No Aware reacts with pigments in the skin to create a pallor with a slight bluish tinge, even in darker-skinned morphs.


MRDR is a straightforward and brutal combat drug. It increases pain tolerance, speed, and strength. The character receives +10 SOM, +1 Speed, +10 Durability, and may ignore the -10 modifier of one wound. Any damage incurred while under the effects of the drug is taken from the bonus Durability first.

Moderate Neem

Neem is a mnemonic drug that works by "tagging" experiences and mental input with a set of unique sensations that contribute to the formation of state-based memories. Neem gummy chews come in a variety of fruit flavors shaped like extinct old Earth animals. Neem gives characters a +20 bonus on COG Tests to recall information they learned while on Neem.

Low Orbital Hash

Good ol' reefer, but grown in space using powerful lighting and post-singularity hydroponics. Because space is at a premium in habitats and scum barges, blocks of hashish are the preferred mode of transport and delivery. However, for the wealthy and on planets, buds in leaf form are not uncommon.

Moderate Phlo

Phlo increases alertness and coordination, making the user more graceful and nimble in a fray. The character gains +5 COO and +10 on Perception Tests for the duration of the drug. Everything feels possible to a character on Phlo, and so they are vulnerable to being goaded into actions that might be foolish or dangerous (apply a -10 modifier to appropriate Social Skill Tests).

Low Raptor

This drug only affects neo-avians. It increases their wing power and strength of their talons. +5 SOM, +20 to Flight Tests to increase movement.

Low Staste

This drug only affects neo-octopi it grants an increased ability to "taste" things it grants a +30 to Perception or Investigation tests based on smell.