In Eclipse Phase, the transhuman desire to enhance the body and mind—especially with chemicals—merges right into humanity’s popular pastime of recreational substance abuse. Drugs of all kinds, whether they be chemical, nano-based, or electronic, are not only popular but widespread. While advances in biotechnology have eliminated many of the side effects that once plagued drug users, transhuman bodies remain complicated environments, and so side effects (especially with long-term use) are still a factor.

High Alpha

Alpha is a more subtle version of BringIt, popular with hypercorp execs, street thugs, and anyone else who wants to come across as a domineering asshole. The pharm designer who invented it had a retro sensibility (and maybe a sick sense of humor); Alpha is typically synthesized as a sparkling white powder designed to be snorted.

Trivial Atropine

Though poisonous in large doses, atropine is an effective antidote against nerve agents like BTX2 and Nervex. Easily synthesized in a maker, atropine will avert the effect whether taken soon before or after dosage by a nerve agent.

Low Bananas Furiosas

This drug reverses some of the effects of de-ionizing radiation on the cells of the body. Although a pill form is available, it most commonly comes in large bunches of bright orange-red bananas. Bananas reduce the severity of a radiation dosage (gamemaster determines effect).

Low BringIt

In some respects more a social than a combat drug, BringIt stimulates massive bursts of aggression pheromones designed to make the user the center of attention in a fight. In combat, opponents within 3 meters of the character not already in unarmed or melee combat with another character must pass a WIL x 3 Test or attack the character using BringIt.

High BTX

BTX-squared (also called Frog Bite) is a genetically-enhanced variant of the extremely potent cardiotoxic and neurotoxic batrachotoxin. It leads to fast paralysis and cardiac arrest that usually kills the target within a few Action Turns. Affected characters suffer 2d10 + 10 damage a turn for 3 Action Turns; medichines reduce this damage by half.

Moderate Buzz

This gene-modified variant of BZ is an odorless, invisible, extremely powerful hallucinogen. Users or affected characters will undergo extremely realistic hallucinations for the duration, and may even "share" hallucinations with other affected characters. Characters will suffer a -30 modifier to any tests to remember what occurred while under the influence.

Low Comfurt

This tasty yogurt treat blocks stress hormones, stabilizes mood, and relieves anxiety, allowing them to ignore the effect of 1 trauma and temporarily boosting Lucidity by +5. Any stress suffered while the drug is in effect is taken from the bonus Lucidity first. Comfurt also provides a +10 bonus when resisting attempts to manipulate the user's emotions.

Low CR Gas

This potent incapacitating agent causes eye twitching and temporary blindness, severe coughing and breathing difficulty, skin irritation, and panic. Affected characters suffer 1d10 / 2 damage, a -30 modifier to sight-based Perception Tests, and a -20 modifier to all other actions for 20 minutes (5 minutes if the character has medichines).


Originally crafted by prankster hackers and distributed as a virus, DDR (for "Dance Dance Robot") triggers impulses in the target's motor control circuits. Primary targeting robot AIs, the effect is that targets "dance" in jerky, automated movements. Pleasure receptors are also activated so that dancing — and movement of any kind — feels good.

Expensive Degen

Characters exposed to this degenerative neurological disease must make a DUR x 2 Test or become infected. Medichines will defeat the disease, but others will not show signs of infection for 1 week, when the symptoms of a rapidly progressing dementia will become clear: memory loss, personality changes, and hallucinations.

Moderate Disruption

This nanotoxin attacks the myelin sheath on nerves, disrupting nerve impulses and inflicting symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Every hour the morph suffers a -5 modifier to COO, REF, and COG. If any aptitudes are reduced to zero, the morph is effectively paralyzed and catatonic.

Trivial DMSO

This chemical acts as a carrier, allowing other chemicals to be absorbed through the skin. It allows any chemical agent to be applied dermally.

Low Drive

This nootropic speeds up left-right brain hemisphere communication, stimulates idea production, and improves concentration, with no usual side effects. Users receive a +5 bonus to COG while the drug lasts.

Low Flight

This drug is derived from human pheromones released due to fear, and is intended to instill alarm or even terror in the character. Affected characters must make a WIL x 3 Test (+30 with medichines) or suffer a panic attack, inflicting 1d10 stress. Dosed characters also suffer a -30 modifier for resisting intimidation or fear-based emotional manipulations.

Moderate Frequency

Frequency (or Freeq) is a nanodrug designed as a tool for scientific visualization. It releases a small swarm of nanobots into the character's bloodstream that settle in the epidermis, where they act as sensors of electromagnetic radiation.

Low Gravy

Gravy assists characters in acclimating to high gravity environments. It comes in a variety of flavors and is often added as a sauce to food. For Gravy to be 100% effective, the character must begin using it in advance. Reduce penalties for high-gravity acclimation by 20.

Low Grin

Grin is an effective opiate and pain suppressant. Users may ignore the -10 modifiers from 2 wounds (not cumulative with similar effects), and in fact may not even be aware they are injured. Grin users suffer from tunnel vision, however, and so suffer a -10 modifier on Perception Tests.

Low Hither

Want to ooze sexy like a pleasure morph on a hot tin roof? For those desiring that slinky je-ne-sais-quoi, Hither is the tool. Hither is a clear, slippery gel, sometimes with a faint, musky, floral scent. Hither is applied to parts of the body with large concentrations of sweat glands, where the skin quickly absorbs it.

Low Hydra

This drug only affects neo-octopi physiology it provides a euphoric sense of detachment to the ego while also boosting the autonomous activity of neo-octopi arms.

Low Juice

This potent anti-depressant makes it almost impossible to have bad feelings or negative thoughts. The character is unnaturally happy—often irritatingly or strangely so.