Every character starts with a personal muse for free. Many devices also come with pre-installed AIs, capable of helping the user, responding to commands, or even operating the device on their own. Unless otherwise noted, these AIs have aptitudes of 10 and one Language skill at 80. These AIs may also be equipped with skillsofts.

Moderate Animal Keeper AI

Like a muse for smart animals, this AI overwatches a critter’s activities, directs it as needed, and alerts the owners to any emergencies or other problems. If the animal is equipped with a puppet sock, it can also jam it like a biodrone.

Crazypants Attaché AI

Attachés are expert-system consultants used by Titanian intelligence groups, commonly assigned to ministers and diplomats. They are typically connected by VPN to the Orchestra, which they ping for requests for information.

High Bot/Vehicle AI

These AIs are designed to be capable of piloting the robot/vehicle without transhuman assistance.

Moderate Device AI

These AIs are designed to operate a particular device without transhuman assistance.

Expensive Kaos AI

Kaos AIs are used by hackers and covert ops teams to create distractions and sabotage systems. Kaos AIs should also have one appropriate weapon skill at 40.

High Monitor AI

These Ais are designed to surveil their subject and keep them from engaging in any proscribed activities.

High Security AI

Security AIs provide overwatch for electronic systems. Security AIs should also have one appropriate weapon skill at 40.

Moderate Sensor AI

Sensor AIs are equipped in most off-the-shelf sensor systems.

High Standard Muse

Muses are digital entities that have been designed as personal assistants and lifelong companions for transhumans. Muses should also have three other knowledge skills at 40

Moderate Technician AI

An AI that is used on habitats and aboard ships to direct the work of repair drones.

Moderate Titanian Muse Upgrade

Adds additional skills to a standard Muse, with the intent of assisting Titanians with their civic responsibilities.

Crazypants Vaettir AI

Titanian Fleet Intelligence uses vaettir (or "wights") as the ultimate in deniable assets. Sleeved into synthmorphs or pods with dead switches and memory locks, wights are used as everything from security guards and tails in urban settings to extra hands on missions through the gates or beneath Iapetus.

High Wobblycat AI

These highly customized AIs are optimized for the hardware in a wobblycat bot.