Spare morphs are small, cheap, lightweight, synthetic shells designed to be used as a replacement should someone’s original morph be killed or destroyed. A cortical stack (retrieved from the character’s previous morph; see p. 268, EP) can be easily plugged into the spare morph, effectively resleeving them (they must make Integration, Alienation, and Continuity Tests as normal; see pp. 270-272, EP). Once plugged in, it takes only 3 Action Turns for the cortical stack’s data to be read and checked for integrity and the ego to run inside the spare’s cyberbrain.

Spares are designed for portability. Packed as a at disc 15 centimeters in diameter and with a mass of 2 kilograms, when activated they pop into a spherical shape with 6 slender and retractable 20-centimeter limbs (3 arms and 3 legs). They are a common piece of equipment for gatecrashing teams.