Named for the monstrous wolf of Norse legend, the fenrir is one of the most imposing combat morphs ever developed. It is found only in the armed forces of the Hyoden city-state on Callisto (though blackmarket blueprints/copies are rumored to be available elsewhere). A massive, squat quadrupedal morph designed to be operated by up to six egos simultaneously, the fenrir is more akin to a super-heavy tank than a regular morph. It is possible that a single ego could fill all six ego slots at once through the use of alpha forks, but this has never been tested. The most common weapons mounted are linked HEAP and/or plasmaburst seeker launchers, exoatmospheric plasma beam bolters, and machine railguns loaded with AP rounds.

This morph is unique in that it allows more than one ego to use it at the same time. Ego Sharing may be purchased for this morph an additional four times, for a total of five additional egos.