Synthetic morphs are completely artificial/robotic. They are usually operated by AIs or via remote control, but the lack of available biomorphs after the Fall meant that many infugees resorted to resleeving in robotic shells, which were also cheaper, quicker to manufacture, and more widely available. Nevertheless, synthmorphs are viewed with disdain in many habitats, an option that only the poor and desperate accept to be sleeved in. Synthetic morphs are not without their advantages, however, and so are commonly used for menial labor, heavy labor, habitat construction, and security services.

Expensive (min. 40000) Arachnoid

Arachnoid robotic shells are 1-meter in length, segmented into two parts, with a smaller head like a spider or termite. They feature four pairs of 1.5-meter-long retractable arms/ legs, capable of rotating around the axis of the body, with built-in pneumatic systems for propelling the bot with small leaps.

Expensive (min. 60000) Biocore

Originally designed by a scum engineer who just wanted to see if it could be done, the biocore is a synthmorph with a biological brain. The design has since spread to those who wish to enjoy the advantages of sleeving in a synthmorph without the risk of brainhacking or who simply dislike the idea of using a cyberbrain (including some asyncs).

Expensive (min. 45000) Blackbird

When they're seen at all, these morphs resemble a matte gray neo-corvid with many odd, sharp angles. Blackbirds are consummate stealth morphs, designed to evade visual observation and radar during recon or infiltration. In part due to aesthetics, they're a favorite of neo-ravens.

Moderate Case

Cases are mass-produced robotic shells, an affordable remorphing option for infugees. They are available in many varieties to suit a client’s taste. Most case morphs are vaguely anthropomorphic, with a thin framework body standing just shorter than an average human.

Expensive (min. 40000) Cetus

The cetus, named after a mythological sea monster, was designed for deep sea activity and is capable of operating under extreme pressure and cold. It is a favored morph for use in the undersea domains of Ceres and Europa. Capable of moving quickly underwater, the morph can also operate outside of water in the atmospheric portion of habitats.

Expensive (min. 70000) Cloud Skimmer

This streamlined synthmorph is designed for exploring the atmospheres of gas giants, but its internal rocket also allows it to operate in vacuum. This morph can travel to and from a ship in orbit around a gas giant into the planet's atmosphere on its own. The morph is a flattened oval that can extend up to four flexible arms.

Expensive (min. 40000) Courier

This synthmorph was specifically designed to fly between the many moons and habitats in the Saturnian system. It is used by both couriers and smugglers throughout the outer system. This morph appears to be a roughly humanoid head and torso set on a conical base, with a total height of 1.5 meters, that makes it look rather like a four-armed chess piece.

Expensive (min. 80000) Daitya

This huge, vaguely anthropomorphic synthmorph is designed for large construction projects and similar heavy industrial uses, such as moving large objects. At just under three-meters tall and with a mass of almost one ton, the daitya is essentially an industrial mech. Modified versions have occasionally been deployed for combat purposes.

High Dragonfly

The dragonfly robotic morph takes the shape of a meter-long flexible shell with multiple wings and manipulator arms. Capable of near-silent turbofan-aided flight in Earth gravity, dragonfly bots fare even better in microgravity.

Crazypants (min. 100000) Fenrir

Named for the monstrous wolf of Norse legend, the fenrir is one of the most imposing combat morphs ever developed. It is found only in the armed forces of the Hyoden city-state on Callisto (though blackmarket blueprints/copies are rumored to be available elsewhere).

Expensive (min. 55000) Fierce Kite

Fierce kites are larger, humanoid-sized fighting kites.

Expensive (min. 40000) Fighting Kite

Based on the kite morph (p. 150, Gatecrashing) popular with gatecrashers, this morph is somewhat more durable and better armored. It also includes a built-in laser as well as anti-detection measures. Its default mode is turbofan-driven rotorcraft; its light weight allows it to fly and hover, even in thin atmospheres and heavy gravities.

Expensive (min. 70000) Galatea

A group of Lunar morph designers created this high-end synthmorph in an attempt to increase the social acceptance of synthmorphs by showcasing how attractive and versatile they can be. This elegant morph looks expensive and is designed to allow the user to master any social situation.

Moderate Griefer

Based on the case synthmorph design, griefers are used by vandals, terrorists, and dedicated trolls to harass enemies and antagonize the masses. Griefers have embedded sound and holographic display systems so they can easily harass an individual or an entire crowd. They are also typically equipped with numerous hacking tools and software aids, though they do not come with these by default.

Expensive (min. 60000) Guard

Everyone knows that synthmorphs are tougher and better equipped for serious combat than biomorphs. However, many people in the inner system are not comfortable with using hulking synthmorphs as bodyguards or security personnel. Instead, some choose this subtle and extremely deadly alternative.

Expensive (min. 80000) Guard Deluxe

This morph is used by both top-of-the-line security personnel and wealthy and powerful people who worry about kidnapping and similar threats and wish to be able to personally respond to any problems.

High Kite

This small shape-shifting synthetic shell is capable of flight no matter the atmospheric environment—or lack thereof. Its default mode is turbofan-driven rotorcraft; its light weight allows it to fly and hover even in thin atmospheres and heavy gravities. In streamlined ionic mode, it can travel at high speeds and maneuver in hurricane-force winds.

Expensive (min. 40000) Liquid Silver

Designed as a top-end version of the steel morph, this shell’s entire outer covering is composed of active nanomachines. A number of synthmorph performers use this shell’s shape- and color-altering capacities as part of their acts.

Expensive (min. 40000) Masked Steel

This version of the steel morph is equipped with the synthetic mask enhancement, making the shell look like a human biomorph.

Expensive (min. 30000) Mimic

In its basic form, with its limbs retracted, a mimic morph resembles a spare (p. 151, Gatecrashing) and is only a bit larger than a human head. With its four pencil-thin telescoping legs fully extended, it can stand up to two meters tall, and its arms can also each reach up to two meters from the morph.