Critters are pods either genetically hacked together from various animal species or simply biosculpted to appear as such. Originally popular among hyperelites who preferred smarter and distinctive AI-operated pets, they were also sometimes deployed on a covert basis as bodyguards or spies disguised as smart animals. Naturally these morphs were also embraced by people with a furry kink or who simply wanted to test-drive a body that was more bestial. Critter pods come in almost every conceivable type of animal shape, from cats to skunks to chimerical lizard-hyena hybrids. The vast majority are quadruped and stick close to the animal type's body plan, though anthropomorphic models are also popular and there is a great deal of bodysculpted variety. A model currently popular in the inner system is the bastet, a composite of several wild cat species that resembles a tawny panther or lion, often with intricate patterns based on Egyptian hieroglyphs in their fur. Some users prefer smaller models of this morph with the Reduced Size trait (p. 93).