Personal Augmentations

Almost all citizens of the solar system, whether human, AI, or uplifted animal, use various forms of biological, cybernetic, or nanotechnological augmentation. The following is a list of the most common types.

Unless otherwise noted, any bonuses from personal augmentations are both compatible and cumulative with bonuses from other enhancements.

Moderate Ultrasound Link

This swarm communicates by ultrasound. Rage 50m in atmosphere. +30 to detect swarm when using enhanced hearing.

Trivial Ultraviolet Vision

This is a minor enhancement, simply adding perception of ultraviolet frequencies to the character's visual capabilities. Neo-avians have natural ultraviolet vision by default.

High Vacuum Sealing

To possess this augmentation, the character must also possess some form of bioware armor or carapace armor. The morph has been specially designed to survive the effects of vacuum. The character's skin resists vacuum as well as protecting the wearer from temperatures from -75 to 100 C.

Low Viewers

These small and highly advanced binoculars possess all the visual enhancement of specs, but also provide 50x magnification. They also include a directional microphone that magnifies sound from the direction the viewers are pointed by a factor of 50. Viewers provide the user with a +30 bonus to all Perception Tests involving vision or hearing for the target they are aimed at.

Low Vision Filter

With this implant morphs can fine tune the information provided by the bioware Enhanced Vision as if it was the Cyberware version.

Low Walker

Walkers use two or more limbs to walk or crawl across a surface. Many use grip pads or magnetic systems to stick to surfaces.

Low Wheeled

Most wheeled shells feature smart spokes that allow the wheels to conform their shape to obstacles and even climb stairs. Some low-grav shells feature puncture-resistant and self-repairing compressed-gas tires.

Low Winged

Primarily used by smaller shells, this system of four independently-controlled wings allows the shell to hover or move rapidly in any direction.

Moderate Wings

Wings enable the morph to fly at Earth/Venusian grav-ities if small (child-sized) and light, or at low gravities if human-sized or larger. Tests made while flying use the Flight skill. Most wing designs are transgenic and based on bat-wing physiology, so they may be easily folded when not in use.

Low Winterist

The character has the androgynous appearance and non-sexual erogenous zones common to inhabitants of Winter hab (p. 64). The character has a monthly hormonal cycle driving their desire for erogenous contact.

Moderate Wrist-Mounted Tools

The morph has a 6 centimeter-wide metal band containing nanobot generators implanted around each wrist. These nanobots link together to duplicate the function of a utilitool, creating narrow, highly flexible arms that each ends in a specialized tool.

Low X-Ray Emitter

This device is designed to be used with either the enhanced vision augmentation or specs. It emits a focused beam of low-powered x-rays that allows the user of either device to both see and see through most objects using backscatter x-ray radiation. This allows the character to literally see through walls and into containers, including ones made of metal.