Personal Augmentations

Almost all citizens of the solar system, whether human, AI, or uplifted animal, use various forms of biological, cybernetic, or nanotechnological augmentation. The following is a list of the most common types.

Unless otherwise noted, any bonuses from personal augmentations are both compatible and cumulative with bonuses from other enhancements.

Expensive Increased Speed

Infomorphs already have a higher innate speed than physical morphs, but some individuals need even more speed, and specially optimized code makes that possible. This upgrade increases the user's Speed by +1. Since even basic infomorphs possess a Speed of 3, this upgrade increases the infomorph's Speed to the maximum of 4. No other Speed modifiers may be used in conjunction with this upgrade.

Moderate Industrial Armor

The shell is equipped with protection against collisions, extreme weather, industrial accidents, and similar wear-and-tear. Increase the bot's built-in Armor rating to 10/10.

Variable Injectors

Can attack targets for 1DV and use tiny needles inject a small payload of a given drug into the target. A standard sized swarm can hold 5 doses at a time. [One Category Higher Than Drug]

Moderate Internal Rocket System

This miniature metallic hydrogen rocket is specifically designed for low thrust. It provides an acceleration of up to 0.25 g, allowing the morph to take off and land on all moons and other small bodies in the solar system. This engine can operate for a total of one and a half hours before it requires refueling. Both the sundiver (p. 164, Sunward) and courier (p.

Expensive Invisibility

This enhancement works much like the invisibility cloak. The shell is completely sealed within a layer of metamaterials with a negative refrac-tive index, making it invisible to the microwave and ultraviolet wavelengths and everything in between.

High Ionic

The shell uses principles of magnetohydrodynamics to levitate and fly, by ionizing surrounding air into plasma to create lift and momentum. The shell is also spun for stability. This system does not work in vacuum, but an underwater version uses the same mechanics for propulsion in liquid environments.

Moderate Jaws

Can attack a target in a swarm for 1d10+1 DV. Jaws can also be used to cut wires and other forms of sabotage.

Moderate Laser Link

This swarm communicates by laser link. Range 50m in atmosphere, 200m in vacuum. +30 to detect swarm when using enhanced vision.

Low Lateral Line

A transgenic organ developed from aquatic creatures, a lateral line hears low-frequency sounds and can detect movement and vibrations through nearby liquids. Suryas use lateral lines to "hear" in the corona's plasma atmosphere.

Low Life Recorder

Not everyone wants to broadcast their lifelog, whether for public viewing or for private storage elsewhere on the mesh. Some people want to retain a lifelog, but prefer to avoid possible interception of the contents online. Certain security, spy, political, and diplomatic professions may mandate this.

Moderate Light Combat Armor

The synthmorph's frame is protected by armor designed for policing and security duties. This increases the bot's built-in Armor to 14/12.

Expensive Long Term Life Support

The biomorph is adapted for harsh environmental conditions and can survive for long periods of time as a closed system thanks to symbiotic bacteria and nanomachines. This augmentation allows any biomorph or pod to recycle air, food, and water for up to one year.

Low Low Pressure Tolerance

The morph can tolerate extremely low atmospheric pres-sures, such as those found at high altitudes on Mars, with no ill effects. Morphs with this mod are also somewhat more resistant to vacuum exposure and are able to spend up to five minutes in hard vacuum without incurring damage. However, morphs without respirocytes or an oxygen reserve still suffer asphyxiation.

Low Magnetic System

A magnetic system allows the shell to cling to most ferrous materials. This enables the character to walk in zero-G situations by magnetically adhering surfaces, hang upside down, and hold onto devices without letting them drop or drift away. The shell receives a +30 modifier whenever maintaining a magnetic hold on something.

Moderate Mass Transfer

The flexbot may transfer up to half of its Durability to another bot that also has the mass transfer enhancement. The donated mass may not cause the recipient bot to exceed its normal maximum Durability. Transferring mass doesn't transfer armor or any augmentations to the recipient bot. Transferring mass may change the target size of the donor bot (see Flexbot Size, p. 204).

Low Math Boost

This implants functions as the Math Wiz trait.

Low Medichines

This is the most common form of nanoware. These nanobots monitor the user's body at a cellular level and fix any problems that arise. Medichines eliminate most diseases, drugs, and toxins (but not nanodrugs or nanotoxins) before they can do more than minor harm to the host (see Drug Effects).

Low Memory Lock

This implant, when activated, prevents information from being stored in the subject's long-term memory or from being recorded via lifelog, mnemonic augmentation, or other sensory link. It also temporarily blocks up-to-the second cortical stack backups. The individual will retain short-term memories, but for no more than a few minutes.

High Mental Repair

This upgrade continuously monitors and analyzes the user's mental patterns, then corrects and adjusts the user's mental processes to counter psychological stress. In effect, the character's mind benefits from continuous unconscious psychotherapy and heals mental stress far more rapidly and easily than normal. The character automatically makes a Willpower x 3 Test once a day.

High Mental Speed

With this nanoware system, nanobots alter the character's neural architecture and augment the functioning of their neurons. The character can deliberately speed up their mind to think and also receive and process sensory information far faster than ordinary humans.