Personal Augmentations

Almost all citizens of the solar system, whether human, AI, or uplifted animal, use various forms of biological, cybernetic, or nanotechnological augmentation. The following is a list of the most common types.

Unless otherwise noted, any bonuses from personal augmentations are both compatible and cumulative with bonuses from other enhancements.

Low Gills

The morph's lung tissue has been adapted to function as gills, allowing the morph to breathe both air and water, as long as the water is not toxic or too stagnant. Characters with this augmentation breathe in water and then expel the water through slits just underneath their lowest pair of ribs that seal when the character is not underwater.

Low Gliding Membrane

Gliding membranes are thin, muscular sheets that stretch from wrist to ankle, that allow the character to glide through the air. For human-sized morphs in standard Earth or Venusian gravity (1 g), these gliding membranes allow the glider to maintain a glide ratio of 10:1, so it can glide 10 meters for every meter of altitude it loses.

Low Grip Pads

The morph possesses specialized pads on its palms, lower arms, shins, and the bottoms of its feet. Designed to emulate the pads on gecko feet, characters can support themselves on a wall or ceiling by placing any two of these pads against any surface not made from a material specially designed to resist this augmentation.

Low Hacking Alert

This plug-in launches a suite of running processes running that monitor the simulated mind-state and keep track of any lost time, inconsistencies in events, or other evidence of involuntary brainhacking or psychosurgery. If the character is mind hacked or subjected to involuntary psychosurgery, the hidden/ covert intruder or psychosurgeon must make an Infosec or Psychosurgery Test at -30.

Moderate Hand Laser

The morph has a weapon-grade laser implanted in its forearm, with a flexible waveguide leading to a lens located between the first two knuckles on the morph's dominant hand. The laser is powered by a small nuclear battery located in the morph's torso, good for 50 shots before it must be recharged like other beam weapon batteries.

High Hardened Skeleton

The morph's skeleton has been laced with strengthening materials. Apply a +5 DUR and +5 SOM bonus.

High Healing Vat

Healing vats were the first type of nanotech medicine developed and remain the most powerful medical devices in common use. With the exception of a few exceptionally deadly nanoplagues, a healing vat can cure any disease and heal any injury. As long as the patient is alive when they are place in the healing vat, they will not only survive, but emerge without a scratch.

Low Hearing Filter

With this implant morphs can fine tune the information provided by the bioware Enhanced Hearing as if it was the Cyberware version.

High Heavy Combat Armor

The synthmorph's frame is loaded with armor that offers protection from heavy weapons for serious combat operations. This modification is bulky and noticeable; the bot frame is encased in a heavy-duty carapace. It increases the bot's built-in Armor to 16/16. The shell's mobility systems and power output are also enhanced to deal with the extra load.

Low Hibernation

The character can voluntarily reduce the morph's metabolism to the point that the morph requires only 5% of the normal amount of food, water, and air. The character appears to sink into a deep sleep, but can maintain a dim awareness of both touch and sound and so can be easily awakened. Entering or leaving this state requires 3 minutes where the character is relatively helpless.

Low Hidden Compartment

The shell has a concealed aperture for a shielded interior compartment, ideal for storing valuables or smuggling contraband. Apply a -30 modifier to detect this compartment either manually or with sensor scans.

Moderate High Gravity Adaptation

This augmentation is specifically designed to allow a morph to operate in environments where gravity is significantly greater than Earth's. The morph's heart and circulatory system are strengthened and its skeleton altered in composition and proportion to be harder, slightly thicker, and considerably more durable.

Low Holographic Projector

The morph has embedded and concealable projectors capable of projecting high-definition, ultrarealistic three-dimensional images and movies. From a distance (20+ meters), such holograms can be difficult to distinguish as fake, but up close they are easier to see for what they are (+20 Perception Test modifier).

Moderate Hopper

Hoppers have two or more legs designed to propel the morph forward or up, much like a frog or grasshopper.

Low Hovercraft

The shell uses an impeller to blast a cushion of high-pressure air off the surface below, repelling the frame off the ground (modern hovercraft do not use rubber skirts). Most hovercraft travel a meter or so above the ground, but can temporarily levitate themselves higher for short periods.

Expensive Hydrostatic Pressure Adaptation

The morph is capable of operating under extreme pressure conditions. Biomorphs (including pods) with this mod can withstand up to 500 atmospheres; the synthmorph equivalent can handle up to 2,500 atmospheres. The morph can also acclimate to changing pressures more quickly and is immune to oxygen toxicity, nitrogen narcosis, and the bends.

Low Hyper Linguist

The morph's brain maintains the linguistic flexibility of a small child, allowing the character to learn languages with great ease. This functions as the Hyper Linguist trait.

High Impersonate

This upgrade provides the user with a library of mannerisms, vocal patterns, and other social cues. This aids Impersonation Tests, even when communicating verbally or via avatars, providing a +10 bonus. The processor in this upgrade can also help analyze a target's mannerisms and duplicate them more effectively.

Moderate Implant Masking

Implant masking is not a separate implant, but a modification to an existing one. Masked cybernetic implants are composed of electromagnetic- and acoustic-absorbent smart materials that are less likely to be detected by surveillance and security systems using radar, x-rays, or ultrasound. Apply a -30 modifier to any attempts to detect the implant.

Variable Implanted Nanotoxin

The morph has an implanted nanobot hive that produces nanotoxins. This implant is designed so that the character can deploy these nanobots instantly via a scratch with claws, spraying with saliva, or simply making continuous bare-skin contact. Characters can choose whether or not to deploy these nanobots.