Personal Augmentations

Almost all citizens of the solar system, whether human, AI, or uplifted animal, use various forms of biological, cybernetic, or nanotechnological augmentation. The following is a list of the most common types.

Unless otherwise noted, any bonuses from personal augmentations are both compatible and cumulative with bonuses from other enhancements.

Low Electrical Sense

The character can sense electric fields. Within 5 meters, the character can instantly tell if an electrical device is on or off and can see the precise location of electrical wiring behind a wall or inside a device. This sense gives the character a +10 modifier on any test involving analyzing, repairing, or modifying electrical equipment.

Moderate Emergency Backup

This plug-in automatically broadcasts a copy of the infomorph's ego through the mesh to a predetermined secure storage site every 48 hours. This interval may be voluntarily modified, keeping in mind that ego broadcasts tend to be intentionally limited as a precaution against interception/forknapping and that such transmissions hog bandwidth.

Expensive Emergency Farcaster

Only characters with cortical stacks can possess this augmentation. The morph has an implanted quantum farcaster linked to a highly secure storage facility. The high cost of this implant also covers the cost of this storage. Using standard radio and quantum encryption, the farcaster broadcasts full backups of the character's ego (pulled from the cortical stack) once every 48 hours.

Low Emotional Dampers

This low-cost alternative to endocrine control allows the user to voluntarily damp their morph's emotional responses and various non-verbal cues like pupil dilation, eye movement, or vocal tone. Using this augmentation allows the user to lie and conceal their emotions in such as way as to fool the keenest observer; apply a +30 modifier to Deception and Impersonation Tests.

High Endocrine Control

This augmentation modifies the morph's endocrine system, giving the character fine control over their hormone output. This allows the character to completely control their appetite and emotions and to regulate pain. They receive a +30 modifier against the effects of hunger, fear, and any forms of emotional manipulation, such as the Drive Emotion sleight.

Low Enhanced Hearing

The morph's ears are enhanced to hear both higher and lower frequency sounds"the range of sounds they can hear is twice that of normal human ears (see Using Enhanced Senses). In addition, their hearing is considerably more sensitive, allowing them to hear sounds as if they were five times closer than they are.

Low Enhanced Pheromones

The morph's biochemistry has been altered so that it produces enhanced pheromonal signals that subconsciously affect the behavior of other humans in the vicinity. These pheromones make the character more attractive and trustworthy to the target; apply a +10 modifier to appropriate Social skill tests, such as Persuasion.

Low Enhanced Respiration

By boosting both lung efficiency and the blood's oxygen-carrying capacity, the character can live comfortably in both high and low pressure environments, from 0.2 atmospheres to 5 atmospheres, with no dizziness or need for gradual decompression.

Low Enhanced Smell

The morph's sense of smell is equal to that of a bloodhound. The user can identify both chemicals and individuals by smell, and can track people and chemically reactive objects by smell as long as the trail was made within the last several hours and has not been obscured.

Low Enhanced Vision

The morph's eyes have tetrachromatic vision capable of exceptional color differentiation. These eyes can also see the electromagnetic spectrum from terahertz wave frequencies to gamma rays, enabling them to see a total of several dozen colors, instead of the seven ordinary human eyes can perceive. In addition, these eyes have a variable focus equivalent to 5 power magnifiers or binoculars.

Low Extra Limbs

The shell is equipped with one or more extra limbs. A character using these limbs suffers an off-hand modifier. These limbs may be arms (with hand/grippers/etc.), legs, tentacle-like, or otherwise articulated and/or prehensile. Some shells have rotational frames that allow them to move limbs around their body.

Expensive Extreme Heat Shielding

This enhancement bolsters the synthmorph's tolerance to extremely high temperatures with heat-resistant materials, heat sinks, and bulky coolant systems. This modification increases the morph's Durability by 25% (not included) while reducing its Movement Rate by half (not included) and modifying COO by -10 (included). Morphs with his augmentation can withstand temperatures up to 500 C.

Expensive Extreme Pressure Adaptation

Morphs with this mod undergo serious structural reinforcement, enabling them to withstand pressure of up to 100 atmospheres. This modification increases the morph's Durability by 50% (not included) while reducing its Movement Rate by half (not included)and modifying COO by -10 (included).

Low Failsafe

This augmentation must be used in combination with the nanophages nanoware (p. 309, EP) and cortical stack (p. 300, EP). This implant is specifically designed for users who regularly risk exsurgent infection and do not want to be a danger to others. If a strain of the exsurgent virus manages to overcome the nanophages, the failsafe goes into action.

High Fat Storage

This augmentation is based on traits displayed by camels to store and use fatty tissue as efficiently as possible. The character's fat tissue stores water far more efficiently than normal, which allows the character to survive three times as long as normal without food or water.

Low Fixed Weapon Mount

The Morph carries a built-on weapon. It has a fixed field of fire from its fixed mount.

Moderate Fractal Digits

The synthmorph has "bush robot" digits that are capable of splitting into smaller digits, and those smaller digits into micro digits, and so on down to the micrometer scale, allowing for ultra-fine manipulation. Apply a +20 COO modifier where such fine manipulation is a factor (such as detailed repair work). The bot must have functioning nanoscopic vision to get this bonus.

Expensive Gait masking

Gait masking nanosystems alter the bone density, muscle tone, and shape of the user's feet and legs in minute but effective ways, altering their gait pattern just enough to avoid detection. The process of reconfiguration takes 20 minutes. Gait masking is illegal in many habitats.

Moderate Gas Jet System

This cybernetic system implants nozzles in the morph's chest, back, and limbs, allowing it to maneuver in microgravity using vectored bursts of gas. It either inputs atmospheric gases through implanted intakes or draws gas from an oxygen reserve implant. This mod applies a +10 modifier to Freefall Tests.

Low Ghostrider Module

This implant allows the character to carry another infomorph inside their head. This infomorph could be another muse, an AI, a backed-up ego, or a fork. The module is linked to the character's mesh inserts, so the ghost-rider can access the mesh.