Polarization Vision

Characters capable of seeing polarized light can view an aspect of light most humans only see weakly. Polarization reveals visual characteristics much in the way that color does for normal vision: it enhances contrast, foils camouflage, and helps to detect patterns and objects, particularly in light that is reflected off a shiny surface or scattered through the atmosphere or water. One major use of polarization is easier orien-tation in relation to polarized light sources (such as navigating underwater by the direction of sunlight). It also allows better detection of water surfaces, reflec-tive surfaces, and certain patterns made in the water or on skin (which can be created by chameleon skin). Polarization vision can discriminate watery surfaces from mirages and better detect transparent objects. In game terms, polarization vision allows the character to ignore negative visual Perception modifiers for camouflage, transparency, or viewing underwater. At the game-master's discretion, it may provide a bonus modifier for Perception Tests to detect patterns and Navigation Tests where orientation to light sources is beneficial. Octomorphs have natural polarization vision by default.