Personal Augmentations

Almost all citizens of the solar system, whether human, AI, or uplifted animal, use various forms of biological, cybernetic, or nanotechnological augmentation. The following is a list of the most common types.

Unless otherwise noted, any bonuses from personal augmentations are both compatible and cumulative with bonuses from other enhancements.

Moderate Clean Metabolism

The morph's symbiotic bacteria, gut flora, and glands have been genetically engineered to keep the morph "clean." The morph also produces smart antibiotics that prevent the growth of any bacteria or yeasts in it or on its skin.

Moderate Concealed Weapon Mount

The Morph carries a built-in weapon. It has a fixed field of fire because of its concealed mount. It receives a -30 to Perception Tests to detect.

Low Copylock

This plug-in has two uses. The first prevents an infomorph from voluntarily copying/forking itself. This also prevents the ego from resleeving into a physical morph. This is a common plug-in used on forks, indentures, or people that really don't trust themselves. This feature can be disabled with the proper passcode used by the installer.

Moderate Cortical Stack

A cortical stack is a tiny cyberware data storage unit protected within a synthdiamond case the size of a grape, implanted at the base of the skull where the brain stem and spinal cord connect. It contains a digital backup of that character's ego.

Low Cryonic Protection

Even synthmorphs can have difficulty with the cryonic temperatures found in the outer system. While almost any synthmorph can operate normally for at least an hour at these temperatures, longer exposure can cause materials to get brittle and joints to lock up, especially in an atmosphere thick enough to conduct heat away from the morph.

Moderate Cyberbrain

Cybernetic brains are where the ego (or controlling AI) resides in synthmorphs and pods. Modeled on biological brains, cyberbrains have a holistic architecture and serve as the command node and central processing point for sensory input and decision-making. Only one ego or AI may "inhabit" a cyberbrain at a time; to accommodate extras, mesh inserts or a ghost-rider module must be used.

Low Cyberclaws

The bones on the back of the morph's hand are bonded to smart material claws. These claws can extend through concealed ports in the morph's skin and extend 6 inches past the morph's knuckles. If combined with eelware, they can also inflict electric shocks. Likewise, cyberclaws can also deliver poison or nanotoxins secreted from a poison gland or implanted nanotoxins.

Low Cybercortex

Similar but less sophisticated than a cyberbrain, a cybercortex is a limited artificial version of the neo-cortex for smart animals. A cybercortex is not sufficient to raise an animal to sapience, but it does boost the animal's ability to learn, comprehend instructions/commands, and reason. Apply a +10 modifier to Animal Handling Tests with this animal.

Moderate Cyberlimb

In an age when arms and legs can easily be regrown, many people consider cybernetic prostheses to be vulgar and distasteful. The Scum and others, however, treat them as iconic symbols of self-expression.

High Cyberlimb Plus

More extravagant cyberlimb models are also available, though they require more severe body alteration to accommodate. These limbs apply a +5 SOM bonus per limb (maximum +10). They may be replacement limbs or "extra" limbs anchored in the body's skeletal frame. These cyberlimbs may not be masked.

Low Dead Switch

This cortical stack accessory is designed to keep the stack from falling into the wrong hands. If the morph is killed, the dead switch wipes and melts the cortical stack completely, so that the ego cannot be recovered. This option is generally only used by covert operatives with recent backups.

Low Digestive Symbiotes

The morph can survive on virtually any organic matter, be it grass, sawdust, or the sludge from a habitat's recycling system. Digestive symbiotes also allow the consumption of rotten or spoiled food; in combination with basic biomods, they prevent normal foodborn illnesses. The symbiotes don't eliminate toxins, however, nor do they make the stuff taste any better.

Expensive Digital Veil

This code masks the presence of any installed plug-ins and upgrades (including itself). The character must choose which are hidden (any installed after the veil is installed are not hidden unless the veil is re-installed). Anyone attempting a standard scan on the infomorph for plug-ins and upgrades (p. 148) will fail to detect the concealed software.

Low Direction Sense

The character has an innate sense of direction and distance using advanced inertial navigation. The character can arbitrarily define any point as "north" and keep track of which direction that is, as well as knowing approximately how far they have come.

Variable Drug Gland

The morph has specially-tailored glands designed to produce specific hormones or chemicals and release them in the body. The character has control over these glands and can release the chemicals at will. Each type of drug gland is considered a separate enhancement. [One Category Higher Than Drug]

Low Echolocation

The character possesses sonar similar to that of a bat or dolphin. The character bounces brief ultrasonic pulses off their surroundings and uses them to form an image of these surroundings through the pattern of reflections of these pulses received by the character's ears. For more details, see Using Enhanced Senses.

Low Eelware

Derived from electric eel genetics, a character can have eelware implanted so that it connects to a network of bioconductors in the hands and feet (or other limbs), allowing the character to generate stunning shocks with a touch. Eelware inflicts shock damage (p. 204, EP) exactly like a pair of shock gloves.

High Efficient Digestion

The character uses food and water more efficiently, to approximately 20% of normal caloric expenditure. The character functions normally by eating and drinking only once every five days. They can survive forty days without food and twenty-five days without water, though the effects of starvation become noticeable after ten days without food or water.

Expensive Ego Sharing

This enhancement allows more than one ego to access the internal systems and controlling functions of a single synthmorph, bot, or vehicle at one time. Each ego requires its own cyberbrain. Command responsibilities are usually divided into appropriate sectors of control.

Low Eidetic Memory

The character can remember everything that ever happened to them, in detail, with no long term memory loss. For example, they can recite a page they read in a book a month ago, recall a string of 200 random characters they viewed a year ago, or even tell you what they had for breakfast on a particular date a decade ago. However, they can only remember things they paid attention to.