Armor Mods

Armor modifications add extra materials or coatings that either enhance the armor’s resistance to certain dangers or provide other effects. Armor mods may be easily added or removed with the appropriate nanobot applicators.

Trivial Ablative Patches

These thin and light slap-on patches of stick to armor and are designed to absorb heat and energy from beams and explosions, safely vaporizing and blowing hot gas away. Ablative patches increases the Armor Value by +4/+2, but each hit reduces both the energy and kinetic value of the ablative armor by 1.

Trivial Chameleon Coating

This provides the armor with the same effect as the chameleon cloak.

Trivial Fireproofing

Fireproofing includes the addition of heat-resistant ceramic or fire-resistant layers, both capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures. Fireproofing increases the Armor Value by +2/+0, and provides an additional 10 points of armor against heat or fire specifically.

Low Immunogenic System

The immunogenic mod adds an active nanobot swarm, maintained by a specialized hive, that coats the outer layer of armor and also the non-armored parts of the wearer's morph. It acts as an outer immune system designed to neutralize toxic agents and nanotoxins with which it comes into contact.

Trivial Lotus Coating

The armor has been impregnated with a superhydrophic coating (contact angle of around 170) that repels all water-like liquids. If the armor is splashed by liquid toxins or chemicals, the effect is reduced since the liquids starts to roll off the armor. Apply a +30 modifier when defending against liquid-based attacks.

Low Offensive Armor

When activated, the outer layer of this armor is rigged to shock anyone or anything that contacts it with electricity. Treat its DV and effect as a shock baton.

Moderate Reactive Coating

A thick layer of advanced nanotech is applied to the armor, protecting it with a colony of nanobots designed to sense incoming attacks. When an attack strikes the coating, it detonates to disrupt the attack. Bursts and full autofire are treated as a single attack. A reactive coating increases the Armor Value by +5/+5, but each detonation automatically inflicts 1 point of damage on the wearer.

Low Refractive Glazing

A combination of reflectors, refractive metamaterials, and an energy transfer system with heat radiators provides extra protection against energy weapons. Increase the Armor Value by +3/+0.

Moderate Self-Healing

The armor is equipped with a nanohive that acts like repair spray.

Low Shock Proof

Shock proof armor is electronically insulated to discharge and reduce the effect of shock weapons. Apply an additional +10 modifier when resisting the DV and effects of shock weapons.

Moderate Thermal Dampening

Thermal dampening obfuscates heat signatures by converting body heat into electric energy. It makes the target more difficult to spot with thermal sensors; apply a -30 modifier for Perception Tests.