Whiskey on the Rocks

Far beyond the reach of inner-system authorities, the Kuiper Belt a great place to hide — or start a new life. There, Whiskey Station is civilization’s last stop before the darkness of the Oort cloud, home to thousands of fortune-hunters, thrill-seekers, and ne’er do wells. Rumors are circulating about a new source for exotic relics from Earth, and a handful of Firewall operatives are on the scene…

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Thanks for the Memaris Saturday 2/28

In a shocking turn of events, the Whiskey Crew managed to save Memari habitat instead of blowing it up. Unfortunately, their boss-cum-nemesis Edward Kim is still on the lam. The crew's Firewall contact has given them a fresh set of marching orders, promising that it will lead them closer to their quarry, but details are thin… Will they find him, or another red herring? Show up for the next session to find out!

Habitat Memari

Memari is a 4-year-old anarchist manufacturing microhabitat ~2.4AU from Whiskey Station (roughly 1 month in a hydrogen-powered LOTV shuttle). If you can get out there, and you're willing to volunteer specialist skills for a long enough shift, you can get a ship designed and manufactured to spec. Memari produces about 2-5 ships per year, depending on the complexity of the projects and the number of volunteers available. A small number of "science tourists" are in residence there, in addition to volunteers and full-time team members.