Welcome to Eclipse Phase: you're an agent of Firewall, the secret organization determined to identify and stop Existential Threats before they can destroy what's left of humanity. Like most Firewall agents, you maintain a cover identity and a "normal" life… but must be prepared to spring into action when the call comes.

You're currently living on Ecstatic Metamorphosis, a traveling carrier ship that survived The Fall of Earth and is now part of an anarchist "scum swarm" traveling between Mars and the Jovian Trojans. It's a wild and crazy place, full of transhumanist body hackers, criminal smugglers, uplifted octopus gangs, gutterpunk anarchist party fiends… and more. You've received a coded message from your Firewall handler: it's time to suit up and save the world.

Cold Open Tuesday 12/26

Onboard the Ecstatic Metamorphosis, Louis XVII is the night's arm candy for Juanita Cruz, an Argonaut VIP. Louis got a personal ping from one of the high-rep swarm figureheads, asking him to show her a good time and make sure no one bothered her for the evening… which he did. As the evening closed, Cruz asked him if he'd considered leaving behind the life of a "free agent" and gave him her card. Does she know his Firewall connection, or is she making a different kind of play? Before Louis can find out more, a message from his Firewall handler comes in…