Red Storm Rising

Ni hao, friend. Your urgent assistance is needed. It has come to our attention that an unknown art dealer in your vicinity is seeking to sell certain masterpieces to the highest bidder. Please investigate and ascertain the nature of the artwork and its potential impact on the public. If it is truly of masterpiece quality, do whatever it takes to keep this artwork from falling into a private collection. You have four collaborators in your vicinity to help with your assessment. Keep us apprised of your progress.

Welcome to Eclipse Phase: you're an agent of Firewall, the secret organization determined to identify and stop Existential Threats before they can destroy what's left of humanity. Like most Firewall agents, you maintain a cover identity and a "normal" life… but must be prepared to spring into action when the call comes.

You're currently living on Ecstatic Metamorphosis, a traveling carrier ship that survived The Fall of Earth and is now part of an anarchist "scum swarm" traveling between Mars and Titan. It's a wild and crazy place, full of transhumanist body hackers, criminal smugglers, uplifted octopus gangs, gutterpunk anarchist party fiends… and more. You've received a coded message from your Firewall handler: it's time to suit up and save the world.