Player Characters

Hrothgar Sripak

Hrothgar's family fled the chaos that was Earth around 60BF, and he spent his entire youth aboard orbital stations over the planet.  By the time he was reaching adulthood the Terran conflicts were spreading into space, and hoping to contribute Hrothgar trained to serve in an orbital pararescue service.

Louis XVII

You are immersed in the social cliques and glitterati lifestyle of the inner system elites. You specialize in being the ideal companion, offering witty banter and entertainment and providing for all your client’s wishes and desires.


You owe your life to ExoTech. You know it’s true; you’ve seen the bills. Now you work off your debt by containing threats to the public image. You and your team, primarily made up of your own forks, are tasked with tracking down and remediating any individuals or releases of technology which might reflect poorly on the corporation.


You’re a fanatical student of parkour. You view the inherent possibilities in a flexbot’s reconfigurable body as a way of moving your practice to the next level. You can already do tricks with your joints and body layout that people who’ve used flexbots for years can’t do. You’re a small, fast, weaving target in a fight, but you’re also good at staying hidden when needed.

Andy’s Character

The gates have opened a new frontier to transhumanity and you are ready to step through and face the challenges such opportunities bring. You are a professional gatecrasher, eager to experience new worlds first-hand, despite the dangers—or even because of them.


There's never been a system you couldn't crack, given time. That's what got you put away the first time, but now that you have a second chance you'll never get caught again. You take pride at circumventing firewalls and mesh defenses—nothing surpasses the thrill of digital trespassing and accessing secrets.


It's  car-RA not care-RA. Valkyrie that will not take your shit. Seriously. No. Shit. From. Anyone. Ask the last Titan she met.


As a Martian Ranger, your job is to uphold the law in the remote areas of the Martian frontier. Though you work for the Tharsis League, you must deal with blurred jurisdictions and the gray areas where your authority intersects with the power and influence of the Consortium, Barsoomian rednecks, and even crime syndicates.