Player Characters

Esha Matri

Though born poor on Earth, 

Motivations: +Indenture Rights, +Thrill Seeking, +Nano-Ecology

Aptitude: Inquisitive

1PP Focus: Scientist (+Research, +Science!, +Technoprogressivism, –Bioconservatism)

3PP Background: Indenture (+Hard Work, +Survival, –Hypercorps, –Indentured Service)

Tschnimov RJ45

Youth: Infolife Machine AGI

What understands machines better than a machine mind? Your code is focused on interacting and controlling software and hardware so that humans don’t have to.

Background: The strictness of your parents leaves you only one choice: to excel at lying. Gain +10 Deception skill

48 years old

Hrothgar Sripak

Hrothgar's family fled the chaos that was Earth around 60BF, and he spent his entire youth aboard orbital stations over the planet.  By the time he was reaching adulthood the Terran conflicts were spreading into space, and hoping to contribute Hrothgar trained to serve in an orbital pararescue service.

Andy’s Character

The gates have opened a new frontier to transhumanity and you are ready to step through and face the challenges such opportunities bring. You are a professional gatecrasher, eager to experience new worlds first-hand, despite the dangers—or even because of them.