Red Storm Rising

Ni hao, friend. Your urgent assistance is needed. It has come to our attention that an unknown art dealer in your vicinity is seeking to sell certain masterpieces to the highest bidder. Please investigate and ascertain the nature of the artwork and its potential impact on the public. If it is truly of masterpiece quality, do whatever it takes to keep this artwork from falling into a private collection. You have four collaborators in your vicinity to help with your assessment. Keep us apprised of your progress.

Extropians Unite

The details/names of this run are likely to change. I'm simply exploring the site functionality before I set my friend who will build the campaign loose on this account.

Angels of Mars

The appearance of a number of Fall-era artefacts on the Martian black market lead Firewall sentinels in a desperate chase to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

French Cheese in Space (Oneshot)

    The black reaches of Kuiper Belt are home to many people seeking ultimate privacy. One of them is dr Diana Gillian. Appeared from somewhere in the inner system like scores of brinkers before her. Apparently with no past and little future beyond calm existence in one of the brinker communes. She settled on habitat of Adelayde, where for a few months she worked up her rep to purchase a slew of mining drones, rocket sleds and some time on Adelayde's cornucopia machines. Then she disappeared into the void.

On the Shoulders of Giants

Firewall campaign set around Saturn as player characters investigate science and technology gone awry. 

Whiskey on the Rocks

Far beyond the reach of inner-system authorities, the Kuiper Belt a great place to hide — or start a new life. There, Whiskey Station is civilization’s last stop before the darkness of the Oort cloud, home to thousands of fortune-hunters, thrill-seekers, and ne’er do wells. Rumors are circulating about a new source for exotic relics from Earth, and a handful of Firewall operatives are on the scene…

Robot Lullabye

A campaign-in-planning for the team at Lullabot. Remember — never, ever turn on the wifi.